Porters Lake, Waushara County, Wisconsin
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 Line Lake Management Plan

 The Porters Lake Management District has approved the attached 2016 Porters Lake Management Plan.  This plan was prepared by staff from the Center for Watershed Science and Education from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

The Porters Lake Management Plan was developed with input from residents and lake users at a series of four public planning sessions.  THANK YOU to all!


2016 REVISED Lake Management Plan (click for PDF)

2017 Lake AIS Monitoring Report from Onterra (click for PDF)

The AIS Monitoring Report for Porters Lake prepared by Onterra provides information on the EWM monitoring and hand-harvesting activities that occurred in 2015.

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2006/2007 Plan

Main Report

Appendix A - Part 1 - Kick-Off Meeting

Appendix A - Part 2 - Planning Meeting I

Appendix A - Part 3 - Wrap-Up Meeting II

Appendix B - Water Quality Data

Appendix C - Watershed

Appendix D - Aquatic Plant Survey Data

Appendix E - Fisheries Data

Map 1 - Location

Map 2 - Watershed

Map 3 - Plant Communities