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TIME: 9:00 AM-12:00

PLACE: MOUNTAIN VIEW COMMUNITY CENTER (corners of Hwy 152, Hwy S and 21st Lane)

DETAILS: Click on Agendas and Minutes on left menu for additional information.

Other News: 

Boat Landing Request for Volunteers (click for PDF)

Jarvis Land Acquisition Mailing #3 (click for PDF)

More on Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) - Please Click Here

High Capacity Wells - For More Information Please Click Here

Code Red Emergency Notification System:

CodeRED is a high-speed notification system that provides the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office officials the ability to communicate time-sensitive, personalized messages via voice, e-mail, and text messaging and quickly deliver messages to targeted area or the entire county, depending on the weather event or other emergency situation. If your telephone number is not in the database, you will not be called. All individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address, and those who use a cellular phone VoIP phone as their primary number should check to be sure they are registered by calling (920) 787-6622 or online at www.co.waushara.wi.us and follow the link to CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment.

Eurasion Water Milfoil

To Porters Lake Management District Commissioners and members -

On May 15, 2013 our lake was treated with an herbicide for Eurasian water milfoil. Here is a picture of the boat applying the granular product and a picture of EWM growing in Porters Lake. As previously advised, the treatment area was along the Jarvis property from their pier to the south shore of the lake. Notification signs were posted on several docks and along the treated shore. Prior to the chemical application, Paul Skawinski of Golden Sands and I spent about five hours in our kayaks confirming the boundaries of EWM concentration and looking for and pulling stray plants. I even managed to go for an unintended swim when I rolled my kayak. It is my personal opinion that this treatment is/was the only way we can possibly control the spread of EWM. In the center of the sprayed area there are thousands of plants. In short order I believe we would have started to see EWM growing throughout the lake and in a short time we would have had an extreme problem to deal with.

We’re not done yet. Our next effort requires manual hand pulling of remaining EWM. This should begin in two to three weeks in the treatment area. Just like in your yard or garden, herbicide never gets everything. We need to be diligent and make every possible effort to literally pull or somehow kill all remaining EWM plants in the lake, wherever they may be growing. Fortunately, we caught our EWM problem early. I attended the 2013 WI Lakes Conference and made a point of going to all of the presentations on EWM control. Without exception, every person from other lakes that have this invasive, wish they would have aggressively responded early on like we have. I learned that EWM came into our lake with a person on their boat or boat trailer. EWM is not moved from lake to lake by bird or animal. EWM is only found in water bodies with boat landings. On most lakes, EWM is first noted and concentrated near boat landings just as it is in Porters Lake.

All in all Porters Lake is a gem of a lake. Our no wake requirement has gone a long way in preserving the great diversity of aquatic plants found here. Everyone with a pontoon boat or other motor boat is urged to remember that we are totally no wake lake and to trim your prop in shallow water. Prop wash damage to the lake bottom is where EWM likes to grow and it negatively affects fish spawning areas. Our consultants have developed a list of our aquatic bio-diversity and it is second to none. Do you know that Porters Lake is one of only a very few that has fresh water sponges (an animal) in it along with several rare and unusual plants?

I’m emailing this to everyone around Porters Lake whose address I know and to the addresses on the 2010-11 lake address list. I apologize that this information is outdated and incomplete. If you know the email of people not shown above please forward this information to them. We really need to get as many email addresses as possible for future communications like this, so send me any address information that you have and I will see that Paul Zagorski gets it into our records.

I live here full time. I’m at the very end of Shannahan Lane at N3303. I’m a volunteer in this project so I don’t have all of the answers but feel free to call or stop by if you have a concern, question, suggestion etc. By all means let me know if you can help with EWM patrolling. Once you learn how to identify it the removal is pretty easy to do. We’ve found plants under a number of docks already that we’ve pulled but the more people working on this the better our chance to ultimately become certified once again as EWM free. Thanks.
Dick Hansen

Eurasian Water Milfoil Map and 1/26/2013 Meeting Agenda

Eurasian Water Milfoil Pulling from Aug. 25, 2012

Leading the effort was Paul Skawinski who is the Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Education Specialist for Golden Sands RC & D Council, Inc. 

                      Starting the event with an aquatic plant identification talk for 10 to 15 minutes.


Major news concerning  Eurasian Water Milfoil

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Below is a copy of the grant proposal that Pat Doyle and Skip Hansen wrote for Porters Lake.

Porters Lake Grant Proposal

Land Restoration Near Porters Lake

Dick Hansen been busy with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to start restoration work on 51 acres of land. This includes the field (pine overgrown) that runs from Shannahan Lane, east to where Porters Lake Road meets Hwy 152, including the woods in back of all of the cottages on Shannahan Lane. Work has been completed to remove the scotch, white pine and cedar from the fields. Last fall and winter lupine and other native wildflowers and grasses were planted and some switch grass removed. The ultimate goal is to return this land to native prairie status and to attract the Karner Blue, an endangered butterfly indigenous to Waushara County.

The woods have been “forestry mowed”. Brush, shrubs, small trees and invasive species were cut and shredded and the land returned to its original oak barren status. Native wildflowers and grasses have been reintroduced to the oak woods.  Reemerging buckthorn and brush is continually being sprayed.

Dick has visited other sites where this type of work has been done and it is worth the effort to see how land like this looked 100 years ago. Things will look different for awhile but after the new growth takes hold we will all have something special to enjoy.