Porters Lake, Waushara County, Wisconsin
Photo of Porters Lake

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 Line Maps

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Porters Lake from the air

Porters Lake Aerial


Porters Lake Road Map

Porters Lake & Wautoma Map


Map of Lake Depths from 1958
(Click on Map for a larger image)

Porters Lake Depth Map


Map of Plant Communities around Porters Lake
(Click on Map for larger image)

Porters Lake Plant Communities

Click here to view this map as a PDF.  (requires Adobe Reader)
Note: it is a very large file (over 5 MB) and will be a very slow
download on a dial-up connection.

Waushara County Map
(Click on image for full map in PDF format - requires Adobe Reader)

Waushara County Map

Waushara County Recreational Map
(Click on map for larger image)

Waushara County Recreational Map

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