Porters Lake, Waushara County, Wisconsin
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 Line Lake Rules & Etiquette
Porters Lake is enjoyed by many people for many different reasons.  These rules and tips will help keep our lake in good condition and make everyone's day more enjoyable!
  • No Wake! - Porters Lake is a no wake lake.  Motors are welcome but keep your speed low enough that you don't create a wake.
  • Clean your boat & trailer - Not all lake water is the same.  Clean boats and trailers before you enter and after you leave Porters Lake.
    • Remove all plants and aquatic creatures from your boat and trailer
    • Empty live well water away from the lake
    • Do not put excess bait into the lake
  • Avoid shallow water with big props - Big props need deep water. 
    Avoid taking large prop motors into shallow water.  It can cause invasive species to spread, disturb good plants and fish habitat, and reduce
    water clarity.
  • Keep sound levels reasonable - Sound travels very well over water, especially voices.  Pay attention to how much noise you are making. 
    Your neighbors across the lake probably don't need to know tonight's dinner plans!
  • Turn off lakeshore lighting when not in use - While lakeshore lighting is an important safety feature for night-time activities, it can also spoil a tranquil night when left on unnecessarily.  Be considerate and turn of shoreline lights when you are done using them.
  • Fishing Limit Rule

Effective April 1, 2016 Porters Lake pan fish restrictions are in effect.

The daily bag limit is reduced to 15 pan fish with no more than 5 of each species: i.e. 5 bluegill/sunfish (bluegill and sunfish are the same species), 5 crappie, 5 perch.

The new restrictions are a result of the bottom structure of the lake being damaged and until that is better managed, we will not be able to stock fish (for approximately 5-10 years). If there is no improvement in that time frame, limits could even be lowered.