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  Buckthorn - Common & Glossy
  • What is it?  Both shrubs can reach 20' - 25' tall and have dark bark with silvery marks called lenticels.  Common has dull, green, toothed-edged leaves and female plans have dark fruits in fall and winter.  The Glossy's leaves are untoothed and shiny on top.
  • What's the problem? Native to Eurasia, both were introduced in North America as ornamentals.  Well-established and spread y seed in Wisconsin, they form dense thickets in southern woodlands and aggressively competes with native plants
  • How is it spread? It is spread by seed.
  • How do I recognize it?
    • Plants are up to 25' tall
    • Common has dull, toothed-edged leaves
    • Common likes well-drained soils
    • Glossy has shiny, smooth-edged leaves
    • Glossy prefers moist soil
    • Grows as a bushy shrub
    • Bark has silvery marks (lenticels)

  • Look alike plants.  There are other varieties of native buckthorn but none grow as tall.

    For more info visit: