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  Eurasian Water-Milfoil
  • What is it?  This underwater plant grows rapidly up to 20 feet long.  It has thin stems with lots of feathery-looking leaves.
  • What's the problem? Originally from Europe and Asia, it's now a
    problem in hundreds of Wisconsin lakes.  It forms dense stands that entangle boat motor propellers and interfere with other water
  • How is it spread? It is easily spread by boats and trailers.  This plant
    can spread from fragments on a few inches long.
  • How do I recognize it?
    • It has delicate feather-like leaves. 
    • Leaves are usually limp when out of the water. 
    • Leaves are arranged in whorls (circles) of 3 to 5 around stem. 
    • It usually has 12 or more pairs of leaflets on each leaf.

  • Look alike plants.  There are many other types of native Water-Milfoil that look similar but pose no threat.  The most common is Northern Water-Milfoil which has only 7 - 10 pairs of leaflets per leaf.  It is usually stiff when out of the water.

    For more information visit dnr.wi.gov/invasives/fact/milfoil.htm